Encounter Retreats

The greatest gift we can receive from God is his perfect, unconditional and unwavering love, which brings a deep rooted security and stability to our lives. For many Christians, the idea of God as a Heavenly Father is rather distant and impersonal. The feeling of a warm personal relationship as an individual son or daughter is still lacking. Some of the reasons for this lack of close relationship are:

  1. legalistic extremes portraying God primarily as a merciless judge rather that of a loving Father-Redeemer,
  2. faulty earthly father relationships which grossly distort the true image of fatherhood, or
  3. personal misfortunes which seem difficult to reconcile with the love of an all-powerful Father-God.

An Encounter Retreat provides a more “in depth” opportunity where participants discover a greater understanding of what God is really like as a Father who loves us perfectly and¬†unconditionally. The more we see Him as He is, the more we see ourselves as we really are, and the more at rest we will be, making our home in Him.