In 1983 I had a moment that changed my life forever. In a vision I saw myself waking up in a cabin that I used to dream about going to with my Dad. It was hunting and fishing paradise in the Canadian Rockies, a few hours drive from where I grew up. My dad had […]

Peter Jackson

Spending time with Peter and Heather Jackson has completely transformed my relationship with God. I started out with a passion and desperation to find out more about this God that I was supposed to call Father. I was happy as Jesus as my healer and friend but God – well he was distant and ruled […]

Mike @ Encounter UK

MAUDE D. I had one of the best times of my life… and a dream came true! First school in Paris and hopefully the first of many!! We won’t be the same after this week, we were a bunch of 26 people to be taken directly into a journey in the depths of the Father’s heart. Testimonies of lives transformed are mind blowing, Papa’s love crashed on us with so much power, like a fire that burns everything and brings life to every heart. Wow… it is time for Paris, time for France and Europe. I won’t recover from it.
Thank you Peter Jackson for this school, I felt so honored to see what Papa does with you. Thanks to the amazing staff, you are all laid down lovers who encourage me so much.

CECILE B. One of the most extraordinary and exceptional people I know on this earth. The Father’s Love incarnate, who taught me what freedom really is. Thank you Peter Jackson.

MARINA M. Dear Peter, The betrayal that happened to me a couple of years ago was devastating. It caused my whole life to be turned upside down. I have spent two and half years receiving healing and forgiving the person who caused it. However I would feel better for a couple of months, then the hatred would always creep back into my life, to the point where I would find myself praying and asking God to kill that person. I knew that this was not the Father’s heart, but my pain wanted revenge. When you prayed for me I didn’t even realize how deep my hatred went until you put your hand on my back and asked God to heal the bitterness, anger and hatred. Suddenly I felt the fire of God shoot right threw my heart. I knew at that point that God had healed my broken heart from the betrayal. Then I felt such a release; I felt as light as a feather, as if I were floating around the room. I knew I would never be the same again. Thank you so much Peter.

GWEN B. I have felt like God never wants to talk to me, I was afraid he would be mad at me. I could never be joyful in his presence, I didn’t trust him to comfort me or that he would be proud of me. Through the teaching things have changed dramatically. Daddy has shown me that I am his beautiful daughter and regardless of my sin He will love me forever. I am not a burden to him, I’m precious to Him, He loves me! I can crawl in his lap whenever I want. I can still see the smile in his eyes and the laugh lines in His face. I know that I am the apple of his eye and his little princess. He will never reject me for not being perfect. He delights in me. He’s longing to talk to me at all times. I am his radiant bride and he wants to dance with me forever.

MAX N. During a session at the school Peter came to me and we started to talk. I was angry and I told him I have been a fighter all my life with no family support, except from God. By the end of our little discussion he asked me “Can I give you a hug?” I said yes, and as he was hugging me he spoke to me from God my Father, “you have been doing great my son!” Right after he said those words I felt a new peace released in my heart. I’m going to turn 49 this year and I lost my father when I was 6 yrs old. I realized nobody had told me for 43 years that I was doing good, and made the right choice to become a son of God my Father.Now this is done I feel so thankful. Thank you Peter for being a powerful tool in the hands of our Father God, carry on sharing this message the Father loves us. What a gift, what a treasure, the love of God!

JOY D. I have seen God as a distant father that only controls heaven and really doesn’t use His vast power. He loves me but He is too big and almighty to get close to. I have seen Him as creator but not as “daddy”.
This week, I have been drawn to Him. I know He is here and He cares. I am His daughter and He wants to spend time with me and be the one I rely on.

ANDY E. Before this week I saw God as father in name only. Being taught on John 14 helped me see the Father’s will to come to me as a Dad, because He has desired this all along. Before this week I had not fully understood He wanted me to know He was with me all my life, in the tough places too, and wants to heal me and bless me. I know now in my heart that He loves me all the time, and delights in my “being” not just my “doing”.

MERIDITH W. I have a definite positive view of God my Father. I realized this week that I was only letting Him be as wonderful as my earthly father- which in my eyes, is as good as it gets. I knew that he was there but I could picture myself so much easier with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I am realizing how much more love the Father has for me than my earthly dad. I have been able to picture the Father for the first time. We play and laugh together and the way He looks at me is indescribable!

DAVID M. I saw God as my boss. The big man who I couldn’t talk to, as he didn’t have time for me, and even if he did, I wouldn’t understand him. I felt I need to perform in order to be loved and if I didn’t perform well enough then I didn’t deserve His love.I can now visualize myself sitting on Daddy’s knee, playing with Him, snuggling with Him, talking to Him, and I can feel His love.

BEN S. I grew up with a father who was verbally abusive and critical and also emotionally absent. I made an inner vow by the time I was nine that my dad would never know me. I then became distant and fiercely independent. I asked the Holy Spirit to show me why I needed a father after all. On Monday as you prayed I had a picture of Jesus, by this time someone else was with him. Jesus introduced me to the Father.In the vision the Father and I sat down on a stone bench under a tree. I leaned against the Father, and Jesus was behind me with his hands on my shoulders.I must say it felt very comfortable, but strange, like I had a deep connection with the Father but our relationship was just beginning.

JOEL R. I use to see God as someone who was always mad at me all the time. especially when I didn’t do what He wanted. He would make me do things that were so painful, to teach me about being a Christian, and submission, I was so afraid of that. I would not be able to open my bible. I would hold it but not open it, I was in such dread.
I know God is not like that now, he is not a taskmaster. He is gentle and humble of heart. He doesn’t see me as never measuring up. He sees me as covered with His grace and He alone will strengthen and perfect me. I do deserve His best, He gave me Jesus. I can trust He will be my trust and shield. He will not fail me.

ROSEMARY D. I have been a daughter who felt she never quite measured up to what my father expected of me. I have seen God the Father thru the distorted filters of my earthly father. But when God the Father began to speak words of love, acceptance and forgiveness, those distorted filters disintegrated. Little by little I have discovered that He loves me unconditionally . I thrive in the knowledge that He loves me, and finds pleasure in me.